Our Approach

1. Be Ruthlessly Analytical

Our people have built multiple companies and understand the necessity to measure everything. Engrained in our culture is the discipline to understand the big picture in graphic detail and to constantly test our approaches with the metrics to back them up.

2. Tackle Large Markets

We don't limit ourselves to a single vertical or solution when building a company. If there's something we don't know, we learn it.  Our portfolio companies span the gamut in their focus but generally fall into a few categories - enterprise, consumer, and digital health.  The best part? We're just getting started.

3. Have a Point of View

We build new companies with an opinionated point of view on the future.  We know that some of the best ideas seem crazy at first glance and we aim to incorporate a willingness to entertain the crazy in our culture. We try new ideas with an optimistic and open mind for the possibilities of change they can bring to the world.

4. Focus on People

Atomic is a place to do your life's work. We look for people who aren't afraid of failure and are driven by possibility. Our people have a "why not?" attitude to new ideas and are focused on innovating through strategic execution.