Co-Found with Atomic

We’re looking for serial entrepreneurs and operators to join us in starting the next big thing.


“Atomic has been amazing at making warm introductions to customers.”

Vijay Menon

Co-Founder & CEO, Butter

Atomic brings together ideas, talent, and capital to stack the odds in your favor.

Find the company you were meant to build

The traditional company creation process is a little like winning the lottery. We built Atomic to change that.

The best ideas

We’re ruthless about only
committing resources and
capital to the most promising

Focus on building

Spend your time building
while our team of experts
does the rest.

Unfair advantage

Go to market faster with the best
ideas, playbooks, team, and
flexible funding structure.

Outsized impact

Our goal is to build the largest
and fastest growing companies,
giving our co-founders more
opportunity for upside.

What are we looking for?

Every founder brings their unique perspective to company building. When meeting entrepreneurs, these are the things that we look for:

  • A track record of building companies or products
  • Leadership experience coupled with the ability to recruit
  • Profound insights into a market or significant problem that hasn’t yet been solved
  • Perserverance and creativity when faced with obstacles
  • A growth mindset and the ability to view failure as an opportunity

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a startup idea or a team to apply?
No — we review and accept applicants as individuals (with or without a startup idea).
When should I apply?
We will review candidates on a rolling basis. Earlier is better!
How many Founders-in-Residence do you work with?
Historically, we’ve worked with 10-15 new founders each year.
How does the selection process work?
Our recruiting team reviews the Future Founders applications and will reach out to the applicants who would be strong candidates for either the Founder-in-Residence or Engineer-in-Residence roles at Atomic, or at a role with one of our early-stage portfolio companies. Our initial conversation will get to know you as a candidate and answer any questions about the opportunities to co-found with Atomic. Then, you will meet with key collaborators at Atomic in a series of interviews and end with a virtual working session with our core team.
Do I need to move to San Francisco or Miami?
We don’t require relocation to be a Founder-in-Residence at Atomic. However, we do believe that in-person collaboration is paramount for the first 6 months of company building. You should expect to be able to travel to either office location.
Will I get compensated while I am working at Atomic as a Founder-in-Residence?
Yes, all co-founders at Atomic get a competitive salary, equity, and benefits package.