Build with us in Miami.

Atomic is looking for local entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to build the next great company here in Miami.

About us

Founded by serial entrepreneur Jack Abraham, Atomic invented the studio fund model of bringing together ideas, capital, and talent to dramatically speed up and scale the process of company building.
We’ve founded companies like Bungalow, Hims & Hers, Homebound, and Replicant, and most recently, OpenStore with Keith Rabois. We’re starting a new company every month out of our Wynwood office with our $270 million fund dedicated exclusively to company building.

Miami is home to incredible entrepreneurial talent and is the perfect city to start the next generation of technology companies.

Jack abraham
Managing Partner & CEO

Find the company you were meant to build

The traditional company creation process is a little like winning the lottery. Atomic model stacks the odds in your favor.

Discover the best ideas

From our growing list of over 500 potential ideas for companies to start.

Work side by side with our team

Serial entrepreneurs who have started billion dollar companies.

Focus on building

Support from functional experts across communications, design, engineering, finance, HR, legal, marketing, product, and recruiting.

Get funded in days, not weeks

As you prototype, iterate, and find product-market fit.

Competitive salary & equity

In any companies you help co-found.

Work anytime, anywhere

Our team is distributed across North America with offices in Miami and SF. You have the flexibility to work in the way that makes you the most productive.

What are we looking for?

No two founders look or think alike. Qualities we look for include:

Track record of starting and building companies, whether it worked out or not

Unrivalled knowledge of an industry you’re passionate about

Unique perspective into large under-served markets that are ready to be modernized

Leadership experience building teams, recruiting, and strategic thinking

Super powers in a function like engineering, design, product, or business development

Tenacity and creativity in problem solving. You always find the workaround or the better way.

Come build with us.